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Hello everyone, I collected some information on our current members, their nominal expertise, affiliations, etc (attached here as an .xlsx file). The further back we go to our members, the less-updated information there is in the MSCA system, so I tried to use data from LinkedIn, Research Gate, etc. From a very quick look, our chapter consists of primarily engineers (of all specialities), material scientists and life scientist. But we are not limited to those areas as we even have members in the European Patent Office and in Social Sciences. Our members are almost evenly split between Greece and abroad, with members from UK the main group of expats/immigrants. I think that there is ample opportunity for networking, primarily for those in the fields of renewable energy, life sciences, material science/nanomaterials, astrophysics, digital cultural heritage and informatics/computer networks/software development. My apologies if I got some details wrong. By all means feel free to message me with corrections. I will keep the list updated, including new members. Best, Dimitris