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Hey everyone! 
The elections for the new Chair of the Benelux chapter are still ongoing until next Tuesday! In case you are part of the chapter and did not vote yet, do it now! 


I am running as candidate myself and would be happy to get your support. Here are some lines about me and why/how I would like to shape the next two years of the chapter:

My name is Esther and I am working on my PhD since 2015 in a biotech company in Delft. It would be a great pleasure for me to become the new chair of the Benelux chapter, not only since I would appreciate to work with international, motivated people willing to push things forward but also because I am eager to improve some things for Marie-Curie fellows within the Benelux. I have quite some experience in project management since I was working for a huge student organisation (AIESEC) for years and – most important – I enjoyed it a lot! I recently founded a work-group in our research center to address common issues many MC fellows face at large companies and am also organising a scientific symposium for our ITN.
My first goals as chair would be to get an (even) better understanding of the MCAA, its regulations, structures, and ongoing/planned projects before I would put my energy into recruiting more (new) active members in all 3 countries and set up a new communication platform to get everyone well connected. There were quite some successful events organized in the last two years that would be great to be repeated. However, some very interesting once did not take place yet (e.g. on taxation in NL) or are ongoing (new homepage!), which would be a good basis to start with. 
Feel free to contact me in case of questions!