Future of MCAA German Chapter


Dear Chapter Members,

Now is a time of change in the MCAA German Chapter. I will leave Germany in September and will step down as Chair of the MCAA German Chapter after the MCAA German Chapter Career Seminar in Hannover. I will call an online election for the next Board/Chair at that point. I ask all those, who would like to play a stronger role in leading the chapter to suggest ideas for activities during the next year: September 2018 - August 2019. That may be any ideas for activities related to science communication, careers, gender equality, innovation, science policy or any other activities you are interested in. Maybe you want to invite some of the members of the chapter for a company visit to where you are working or organise a science slam. All ideas are welcome. An Annual Plan for the chapter is due at the end of August.

Please post your ideas below.

The annual plan will be submitted on time but an updated annual plan may be submitted by the new leadership after September and reconsidered by the MCAA Executive Committee. The main thing is that the meeting in September builds teamwork, engagement and joint ideas for the future of MCAA in Germany.

Warm regards,

Brian Cahill