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Net4MobilityPlus project  is preparing a promotion kit, which will include success stories from the widening countries.

As the fellows coming from Widening countries you are strongly encouraged to participate this by answering a simple questionnaire (15 min max) attached to this message.

If your institution hosted a MSCA fellow, please use the other attached questionnaire to elaborate institutional experience of hosting fellows.

Please send the completed success stories to us by 15 October as after that deadline it will not be possible to include in the promotion kit any success stories.

Your response should be sent to task leader in charge Ms. Gabriela Tchouprenska at tchouprenska@cu.bas.bg 

If you encountered problems filling in and saving pdf file, please contact me for MS Word document (drljacad@gmail.com)

I am kindly asking you to provide us with your experience as the "word of mouth" and "personal experiences" are the best recommendations to future MSCA fellows and hopefully members of MCAA.

Thanks in advance for your time and efforts!