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Dear members,

This year's European Open Science Forum (ESOF, https://www.esof.eu) will start from today September 2, 2020 via online. Anyone can register to join the sessions online for 150 Euro/person. We believe, considering the format of this year's event, it would be a great opportunity for members of MCAA to join this one of the largest interdisciplinary conferences in Europe. It will bring the policymakers, scientists, innovators in one platform. 

On behalf of MCAA board, I would like the members of BSB to apply and register to the conference. The WG was given 2 slots to reimburse the registration. As it is a last minute notice, we will use the ‘first come first served’ principle. If you wish to register for the conference and get reimbursed as a member of BSB, please email me at bsb-wg@mariecuriealumni.eu.

As the event is starting from September 2 (today) till September 6, you may register using this site: https://www.esof.eu/en/register.html and pay the registration fees. Please note: if you wish to be reimbursed on the account of BSB WG, email me first to get a confirmation first.

Reimbursement process: 

We kindly ask the members to submit the reimbursement as soon as possible, but no later than September 20, 2020. Once the invoice is issued, the reimbursement can be applied using this link: https://www.mariecuriealumni.eu/form/reimbursement-request-form

Thank you,
Pavlo Bazilinskyy, chair of BSB WG