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Veronika Stolbova's picture
Dear all, I am passionate about life and science researcher with backgrounds in Theoretical Physics (Master and Ph.D.), Biochemical Physics (Master), Climate Dynamics (Ph.D.) and Climate Finance (Postdoctoral research). I worked and lived on 4 continents and in 7 countries (CH, RU, DE, NL, ES, UR, US), learned about many cultures and was lucky to meet and collaborate with incredible people all over the globe. This international and multicultural experience shaped me into a proactive individual and a team-player with an understanding of aspirations and needs of young and senior researchers. I organized several international conferences and workshops for young researchers, participated in numerous study groups and networking events with the aim to strengthen the connections between the researchers and to improve career perspectives of young researchers. I joined Marie-Curie community as an Early-stage researcher and since then was actively participating in its various activities. Recently, I realized that I want to contribute more to spreading the ideas of MCAA in the form of creating the platform for engagement and interaction between MCAA members. As a Chair, my plans contain creating a group of events for interaction between the MCAA members and representatives from funding agencies and foundations, Swiss and other universities, industrial companies, and startups. Let us brainstorm the ideas, create new exciting projects and get to know each other and the world! I believe that curious and passionate minds need to know each other and together give rise to innovative science. Let us those with experience share it with eager learners and those in search of collaborators find them. I can also bring to the community connections with other alumni associations such as MIT club, UZH Alumni Association, ETH Alumni Association and others. One way or another all scientists are citizens of the world, so let us get to know each other and the world around us! With best wishes, Veronika