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Dear all, I am a senior researcher, experimentalist physicist, working since years in the research of high energy physics experiments at LHC at CERN. I am an active member of the ATLAS experiment since 1996 and of CERN personnel since 2006, and have been the author/co-author of about 200 HEP papers with hundreds of citations each, published in top peer-reviewed scientific journals and also in international conference proceedings. 

I was Marie Curie Fellow from the start of the Marie Curie Frameworks, participating in various MSCA programs: individual, return fellowships and research networks. I have worked as mobile experienced researcher in different EU countries, in Germany, Greece, Spain, Switzerland and also in the USA. I am based at the European Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN), in Geneva for the last about 15 years. 

I have joined MCFA since the beginnings, also being a member of the MCFA and the MCFA m-WiSET (Women in Science) group. I am currently member of MCAA and active at the MCAA GEMS (Gender Equality and diversity for Mobille Scientists) working group.

Although, the MCAA Swiss Chapter is only recently created, I would like to bring it to the same level of maturity and networking activities with other groups in MCAA. I will also try to bring us in contact with similar groups of mobile scientists in large universities, institutes and international organizations like CERN in Switzerland but also outside the EU, like the Yale and Harvard Universities in the USA.

I hope the  Swiss Chapter will strengthen and fulfill its role in the future years!

To make this possible, common regular meetings will be organized to discuss the problems and suggestions of our Swiss based MCAA members.

Thanks for voting in these elections!

Best regards, Theodota