MCAA webinar - Fairness in Artificial Intelligence: Promoting Diversity or Reinforcing Discrimination?


On 4 June 2021 (17:00-18:30 CET), the MCAA GEDI Working Group, in collaboration with the MCAA Communication WG, is organising a webinar on "Fairness in Artificial Intelligence: Promoting Diversity or Reinforcing Discrimination?".

The pervasive and ubiquitous spreading of Artificial Intelligence is radically changing society. On the one hand, the use of AI solutions represents a strategic place in human history to expand social possibilities for all. On the other hand, it risks creating new discriminations or strengthening old ones. An exemplary case of the latter is machine translation, where language biases (based on gender, disability, race etc.) present in the data used to train algorithms can then be introjected in those very algorithms. Though gathering experts from various stakeholders and fields, the webinar will discuss some of the main problems about fairness in AI and then discuss possible solutions and future venues for research and policy.

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