migART -- new platform for migration activism, research, and teaching


Dear all, My colleague Elena Vacchelli (University of Greenwich) and I have recently set up a repository website called migART: https://migart.bard.berlin. We hope to include the work of activists, researches, and teachers using creative and collaborative methods to serve migrant communities, better understand migration, and communicate research findings in accessible and, when possible, interactive ways. migART showcases past and ongoing activities (research projects, social initiatives, syllabi), as well as information about upcoming events, grant opportunities, and new publications. Our vision is to help build a community of researchers, activists, and educators and to stimulate collaborations through creative and participatory research in migration. If you are interested in having your project, course or initiative showcased on the migART website, please send us (https://migart.bard.berlin/contact/) a title of your project, a paragraph-long description (if possible, with a link to your project’s website and an image accompanying the project description), the names and affiliations of researcher(s), and up to five keywords/tags relating to the methods you use. If you do not do any migration work yourself, but know people who do, please kindly pass on the link to them: https://migart.bard.berlin. Thank you and best wishes, Agata Lisiak