MSCA Awards 2020


Dear WBC Members,

You may or may have not heard about the MSCA 2020 Conference in Zagreb, a month after our MCAA General Assembly. It's the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Presidency Conference, organised under the Croatian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. You can find more information at, if you're interested. And there is at least one item on the agenda you should be interested and excited about! It's the MSCA Awards; please continue reading this post carefully--you might become one of this year's laureates.

Awards are open to all MSCA researchers, young and experienced researchers funded via IF, ITN, RISE, COFUND doctoral and fellowship programme within Horizon 2020 programme, including finished and ongoing projects.

The categories are the following:
• Category I: Impact of MSCA on fellows’ career development:

Open to early-stage researchers, including young postdocs of any nationality. Researchers should show how their participation in MSCA had a positive effect on their careers, including gained new knowledge and skills, boosting international networks, employment prospects and professional opportunities in academic or non-academic sector.

• Category II: Impact of intersectoral and interdisciplinary mobility and transfer of knowledge

Researchers should show how their project was essential in better knowledge exchange between academic and non-academic sector. Researchers should also illustrate how the role of intersectoral and interdisciplinary collaboration had an impact on societal needs and further development of the European Research Area.

• Category III: Reintegration impact of MSCA researchers on their home countries

Open to European researchers and European scientific diaspora who are returning to Europe after carrying out research abroad, including young postdocs who are returning to their home countries after conducted MSCA doctoral programme. Researchers should show how their projects contributed to the brain circulation and sharing excellence in the whole European Research Area.

More information about Awards is available on  

Deadline for submission is March 8th 2020.

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