MSCA COFUND 2019: co-financing of doctoral and fellowship programs


Since 04 April 2019, the current call for the Marie Sklodowska Curie measure COFUND is open, the deadline is 26 September of 2019. 

COFUND Horizon is a 2020 instrument for co-financing of ongoing or planned programs to promote Ph.D. (Doctoral Programs) or post-docs (Fellowship Program). The running time for co-financing amounts to a maximum of 5 years, with a max. Award amount of 10 million euros. For applications based organizations in the EU or a Horizon2020-associated country have the right to finance the corresponding programs and/or exercise. Eligible programs must, inter alia, include cross-border mobility of researchers and should be thematically aligned as open as possible. 

For detailed information and advice on how to apply, please free to contact us or where relevant, to the Research Service of your university .