Networking budget for ‘personal’ expenses


Hello everyone,

I have a question related to costs and I wonder whether someone has been in a similar situation.

I have recently been awarded a MSCA Global Fellowship. I will be based in Australia during the outgoing phase and in Denmark during the return phase. I am moving to Australia with my partner and our two children and we just found out that childcare in Australia is going to cost us around 2500€ per month (for the two kids), while my net salary including family allowance will be around 2900€ per month. I asked in my university in Denmark (the beneficiary of the entire grant) if it was possible to use some of the money for networking and project costs to pay part of the childcare costs and they told me it is not possible because I already get 500€ for my family.

Has anyone experienced anything similar to this? I am a little bit worried right now about our economic situation.

Thanks for the help