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Hi everyone, I have started trying to recruit new members to our chapter, both from Denmark (where my "turf" is I guess), but also using the information of other chapters. I would encourage you to do the same in your "turf", should you have time. The more active participants, the more likely to find a new chairperson but also the more ideas for new activities. As promised in the previous post, I will keep the list of our (new) members updated. Finally, here are a few ideas for future easy events that we could consider either participating in or organising when we have a new chairperson and our biannual meetings. Any activities related to science communication/dissemination (science slams, Researcher Night, high school talks, undergrad talks about the MSCA opportunities), careers (e.g. workshops in CV writing/how to behave in an interview/tips about how to write a successful MSCA-IF application), gender equality, innovation, science policy/lobbying. Thanks and I will get off your plate now