Objectives and structure of the MCAA Response


Given that we only have another 4 days for input on the white paper - I was wondering if we could stimulate some conversation about what the objective and structure of a response from the MCAA would look like. From the description above, "we will then produce a summary of comments and debate" for the submission, but perhaps we can also have some input on how this commentary is structured?

On the objective, given that the MCAA is an organisation linking researchers, the strongest position we can take is to respond on the impact of the whitepaper on research itself and the effects on the scientific community. There are no doubt many other dimensions we can cover for we all come from very different research fields, however, the main objective should be to frame our response in a clear concise manner that is representative of the MCAA's ideals.

Regarding the structure, we could pen a response that mirrors the structure of the whitepaper, adding input on each of the different sections and scenarios.However, this may not provide the emphasis we desire.