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Dear Polish Chapter,

in one week we will meet in Gdańsk to discuss the chapter activities and elect the new chair. Although not all of you will be able to attend, we can involve our whole group in advance here in joint discussions on the Chapter organization and function. In particular, I would like to encourage all of you to:

1. share some ideas for Polish Chapter activites for the next year (Oct 2017-sept 2018)

A new Annual Plan must be submitted to ensure funding of the Polish Chapter from October 2017. If you have suggestions for activities that the Chapter can do in the coming year, please share them with us. These could be ideas for:

  • meetings, hangouts, outreach activities, workshops, buddy system, useful tips for incoming fellows, document writing, science communication... anything you feel is needed most!

The Chapter is your means through which you can develop your career and your interests, where you can find like-minded people and gain useful skills or contacts. We do have a modest annual budget and we should agree on how to spend it best. Please do let us know what your needs are.

Usually, the most difficult part is to find organizers and volunteers to coordinate each activity, so if you are willing to both propose and oversee an action, that would be particularly awesome!

Even if you will not be present in Gdańsk for the meeting, you can still contribute your ideas here or give your vote to a candidate of your choice for the Polish Chapter Chair

2. consider becoming the next Chair of our Polish Chapter

It has been a great year for the Polish Chapter - since it has been the first year of our existance, we can undoubtedly call it the best ever! ;) It was a great priviledge for me to represent you and to collaborate with many brilliant and engaged MCAA members. However, I will be more than happy to welcome somebody new to take over this role, now that the Chapter is gaining enough momentum.

The Chair plans, reports and coordinates Chapter activities (for example, the biannual Chapter meetings) and is responsible for the Chapter Finances. You are also often invited to meetings of the National Contact Point, Euraxess and other agencies, to give presentations on MSCA and MCAA and to advise researchers asking for help. Being the Chair gives you an exciting opportunity to help, inspire and influence a number of people, both active researchers and those who work in research support or shape science-related policies. It helps you build your network and visibility, but it does require a commitment of your time and energy on behalf of the Chapter, as a volunteer (you are not paid for this role). Fortunately, there are other Chapter members who often help in various aspects and MCAA events, so you are not alone in this work. I promise to help in the transition and to coordinate events taking place in October and November, some of which are planned already.

If you would like to become the new Chapter Chair, please contact me by Thursday, September 7th, with your vision for directions for the next year. Ideally, the new Chair should be present during our 2nd Polish chapter Meeting in Gdańsk to present their vision, but if you are committed and simply could not attend, we could try to organize a remote session to present your plans and for the Chapter to vote on your candidature during the meeting.

We are an open, transparent organization which is run by MCAA members for MCAA members, so you are more than welcome to help shape the future of our Chapter!

Best wishes,