Registration of Workshop and Reception for Marie Curie Fellows in Beijing by EU Delegation to China


The EU has recently launched a project for the task of establishing a global network of EU Alumni covering a variety of EU Programme – Marie Curie Actions, Erasmus, China Interpreter Programme, Schuman fellowships and a some others. As this is an ambitious task the project starts with connecting alumni from the most important partner countries, among them of course China.


They do this through a new to be created web platform and through events.


On 3 December EU Delegation to China (in Beijing) invite a selected group of alumni from 5 different programmes to a brainstorming workshop. The workshop serves to hear the voices of EU Alumni and their ideas what it needs to make such a global networking interesting compared to their own programme alumni connection. What is in for you! But it will also hear what the EU expects from such a network and the project will introduce the beta version of the alumni database.


It would be great if 5 committed and active Marie Curie Fellows could participate in the workshop which takes place from 16:00-18:00.


After the workshop there will be reception from 18:00-20:00 hosted by the EU Ambassador where all workshop participants and maybe some more available fellows will be invited. (maybe 10-20 per programme)


For the reception we need however control a bit the numbers and would focus on those currently living in Beijing as in total we are targeting around 100 people.


If you want to join this event, please send email to or ASAP, with your full name, affiliation and position, email and phone number, also, which activity you will join (workshop, reception, or both)