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Hi Everyone,

It is time to get together again for our monthly local social event!

We will meet next Thursday the 21st March at the Conesa Beer Barcelona (Carrer de Casanova, 62) from 19:30. If you are planning on coming, fill this form, please, as it helps to know how many people to expect.

As not all of you are able to come on Thursdays we thought of having alternate dates for the social between Thursdays and Tuesdays, and these are the following planned, so mark them on your calendar:

Wednesday 24/04
Thursday 23/05
Tuesday 18/06

We have also not forgotten the opportunity to have a weekend get together for the ones of you with families and we are planning that for sometime in the summer, stay tuned.

Hope to see you next week!


On behalf of the MCAA Barcelona Sp-Pt Chapter