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Ivana Diaz Fernández's picture
Dear all, by the pool of the MCAA 15.8% of registered Fellows are from Social Sciences and Humanities (Economics included as it is a Social Sciences) more than for example field in Chemistry (just for comparison) and still in my opinion we have to fight for any opportunity to be heard and accepted. I am grateful for the previous and current MCAA Board support about SSH, as last year we had a Workshop at the General Assembly and at the ESOF there is a panel about the SSH accepted in the Career panel. But, just in general I would like to appoint that the highest rate of unemployment and the lowest funding possibility is indeed in the Social Sciences and Humanities! For example, to give you an idea, I just saw that 634 people applied for a temporary position at REA (Research European Agency) for: - Research Programme Administrators in Biology, Environment and Geoscience and/or Satellite imagery, Life Sciences while 1154 (!) applied for the Administration position in Social Sciences, Humanities and Economics. So, please do consider to contact me at: nina.diaz.fernandez@gmail.com if you are former or current Fellow in Social Sciences and Humanities or you would like to give us support for a better vocal platform. Kind regards, Nina