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Dear members of MCAA.


University of Paris Saclay with NCP Paris organise, in September 2020, a Forum dedicated to the exploitation of results of the Horizon 2020 projects Pilar 1 (ERC, FET, MSCA and Research Infrastructures). 

For more information, here are the links to the 2018 and 2019 editions of this forum :   

2018 : https://www.horizon2020.gouv.fr/cid130208/valorisation-des-projets-fet-forum-2018.html

2019 : https://www.horizon2020.gouv.fr/cid141305/forum-2019-de-valorisation-des-projets-fet-et-erc.html

The objective of this Forum is to present to the current and former Pilar 1 projects' laureates the opportunities for funding and support to innovation and exploitation, both on EU and on French national level. 

The program will include the success stories of the former MSCA, ERC, FET etc. laureates who have successfully undertaken an exploitation action such as start-up creation or patenting.

In orderto take part, forum is looking for one or two MSCA (IF or ITN) former or current fellow who has successfully undertaken an exploitation action in France, at the end of his/her MSCA research project, and would like to tell about his/her experience. Particularly, a PhD student or MSCA-IF with entrepreneurship experience and or patent, while a senior fellow experience might be great as well. 

If you are interested in joining the event, pleease contact to me. 

Thank you you very much for your cooperation!