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Dear all, after a successful discussion in Leuven many of you joined the WG. Now I would like to ask for your contribution and to define your role in the WG. As you may know our aim is to secure funding from external partners for our Annual Conference and General Assembly, and to set up sponsorship for the long-term self-sustainability of MCAA. Besides, we would like to provide guidelines for Chapters and other WGs on how to get sponsors for their own activities. Please let me know by April 8 (comment, DM or e-mail): 1. if you are willing to help with any of these activities or you have any other ideas on what we should work on 2. if you would like to remain an observer in the WG In case I don't hear from you I assume you are no longer interested in the activities of the FA WG and I will remove you from the Contributor's list. Thank you very much for understanding and I'm looking forward to hear from all of you! Best, Zsofia


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