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Dear members of the Swedish MCAA Chapter,

The funding of European research for the next seven years will be discussed and decided soon. The Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) discussion is going to reach its final steps. There is a meeting of the EU Council on February 20, where they will try to reach an agreement. News from many Member States hint that some  want to turn down the EU parlement´s bid and reduce the European contribution to research.

This decision will have a major impact on the budget for Horizon Europe, and may well bring it down to 75Bn EUR, approximately 20% less than expected after the Finnish presidency proposal. Therefore, to avoid that such scenario comes true, it is very important for researchers to act swiftly and strongly.

The Initiative for Science in Europe has launched a campaign to advocate for a higher budget by putting pressure on national governments.

Please take action and visit ISE web to read and support the petition here: https://initiative-se.eu/he-petition/ 

More information and details are on the website of the ISE.

All the best, Daniel

Chair, Swedish Chapter MCAAl

Daniel Yar Hamidi