Transatlantic Science Slam: Session I

Wednesday 31st, 5 pm London (GMT)/6 pm Brussels (CET)/12 pm New York (EDT)/9 am Los Angeles (PDT)


Zoom link:


Join us for the Transatlantic Science Slam 2021!


Defy gravity, re-invent reality, and enter the arena for a thrilling, fun and innovative day of science and knowledge MSCA community sharing!


Brace yourselves because participants might draw, dance, sing, act, recite poetry or launch stand-up comedy performances to communicate on their projects and fellowship experiences!

Yes...everyhthing is allowed... but NO powerpoint ; )

Are you ready? Mark your calendars and jump into action!


Let's make some noise for the amazing participants!


- Tereza Novotná

EUSKOR: Europe, the United States and the Crisis on the KORean Peninsula: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

- Edna Peza Ramírez

City of fear: insecurity, public space, and everyday life

- Francesca Tancini

Seeing the world in colour: 19thC picturebooks for children

- Jorge Soguero Escuer

There is a bigger pandemic and governments do not impose tight restrictions: Obesity and the free trade and investment in the junk food sector

- Giulia De Rosi

The charm of Quantum Physics: making a liquid ultracold and ultradilute

- Francesco Mascia

Cyanobacteria: novel and sustainable light-driven biocatalysts

- Anna Filipa Palmeirim

How green is green energy? Insights of an ecologist in the Amazon Forest

-  Sophie Laguesse

Impact of adolescent alcohol binge-drinking on behaviors


Slam I



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