Transatlantic Science Slam: Session II

Friday 2nd, 9 pm London (GMT)/10 pm Brussels (CET)/4 pm New York (EDT)/1 pm Los Angeles (PDT)


Join us for the Transatlantic Science Slam 2021!

Defy gravity, re-invent reality, and enter the arena for a thrilling, fun and innovative day of science and knowledge MSCA community sharing!

Brace yourselves because participants might draw, dance, sing, act, recite poetry or launch stand-up comedy performances to communicate on their projects and fellowship experiences!

Yes...everyhthing is allowed... but NO powerpoint ; )

Are you ready? Mark your calendars and jump into action!

Let's make some noise for the amazing participants!

- Agnes Venema

The use of AI and Machine Learning tools to process images in intelligence operations

- Morena Tartari

How texts organize our lives and beyond: Institutional ethnography in practice

 - Beatriz Rodriguez Labajos

Gender and environmental artivism

- Natalia Larionova

Inner light of chemistry

- Svetlana Jovanic

Reconstruction of multilevel dynamics in zebrafish embryos and embryoids

- Christina Tsouparopoulou

An interconnected world 3500 years ago. What does it mean?

- Kati Zeka

Societal Contributions of Leukaemia Stem Cells Research

- Faria Khan

Biomass burning aerosols contributing towards smog and their adverse health effects in humans 

*Image credits: Unsplash / Paulette Wooten

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