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Dear Community,


I’d like to raise here a question of social security for MSCA-fellows. As mobile researchers, we have to work and pay social security contribution in a country, we aren’t citizen or permanent residents of. It might oftentimes create bureaucratic or language barriers to access social security benefits.

While some situations are pretty straightforward and might be resolved with a U2 form, I believe that some can be quite complex and vary a lot from one member state to another.

For example, I’ve been employed and paying benefits in Italy, while being a resident of Latvia and a non-EU citizen. I’m embarking today on this “bureaucratic journey” and will update this thread as the situation unfolds.

Though, I thought it would be cool if more people share their experiences and (hopefully encouraging) stories. If this happens so, I would be happy to put it all together into some kind of a tutorial or knowledge recourse from all the information I’ll manage to gather for the benefit of the future MSCA-fellows.


Thank you.

Marina Bluma