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You do research on accessibility and inclusion or you are a researcher with a different ability? Share your message and become a speaker during the ResearchAbility session of the MCAA annual conference in Vienna the 24th February 2019! Please send me a PM.


The project ResearchAbilty aims to join forces and ideas to make higher education and research careers accessible to talents with different abilities! In the "ResearchAbility" Session on Sunday 24th Feb during the Annual Conference of MCAA, researchers with different career levels will openly discuss about the importance of outreach activities like the “Tour de France” and accessibility tools, not only in transportation but also in digital tools.


A different ability should not be a handicap to advance research. Change and innovations, laws, initiatives and tools are needed to increase mobility and improve accommodations, compensations and the means for an inclusive society. Associative work, media and dialogue promote awareness, sensitization and inclusion.


Thanks for spreading the message.


Thanks to my team in the working group of the French association FEDEEH with which we'll have our next workshop in Paris the 16-17th February, to MCAA and MCAA France Chapter for enabling me to make it a project and session on their conference and also to the support of YEBN e. V. and my friends. You want to participate the workshops in Paris just before Vienna and discuss what is needed for better accessible research careers for persons with different abilites? Contact me please.ResearchAbility : Become a speaker during the MCAA annual conference, 24th Feb, Vienna and report about the accessibility of higher education and research for persons with different abilites.




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