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Publishing scientific papers has become a real business in the last years. A bunch of new open access journals were created without any control and most of them publishing papers just to get the fee, independently on the scientific quality. I have revised some papers in bad english, full of typos and that could be scientifically written by high school guys, my evaluation was very bad of course and I can't believe that other reviewers could accept them. However they were published without any correction! The editors have always the last word and in these cases they do not mind about the revision, they just mind the publication fee.

I have recently (September) reviewed a paper for IEEE, the paper was one of the worst I have received in my career and it was obviously rejected. Today (just after 40 days from that revision) I have received a google alert note stating that the same paper was published by another journal! And the authors did not care at all about my suggestions (of course following them they should write something completely different), they just resubmitted the same version and it was easily accepted and published in less than 1 month ... Stupid me that I spend years working in a paper and trying to follow the reviewer's suggestions for making it better??!!

I decided to make revisions just for high quality journals and not wasting my time just to give some nice appearance to this garbage, but the problem remains. A published paper is a published paper, and the publication gives prestige even to stupid and clerarly false statements. Without any control in the near future we will publish papers just for standing opposite to someone else papers. I think we should find a way for solving this problem since it will create much more problems in the future.

I do not know if someone had my same experience/feeling ...