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Dear all,

I would like to reopen the secondment housing costs question. In this case for MSCA-Individual Fellow
I think it will be interesting for everybody with a MSCA with secondments, to clarify some issues about reimbursement.

It seems that my institution TUM do not reimburse housing in secondments because they say that it is included in the mobility and living allowance. This means that you pay it from your salary.

But, I found this text: http://ec.europa.eu/assets/eac/msca/documents/documentation/publications...

Where you can read the following:
"However, your employer may not use the funding provided for your living, mobility, or family allowance in order to pay, for example, tuition fees, healthcare costs (above compulsory social security contributions), or expenses of secondments (travel, housing etc.). By the end of your fellowship, you must have received the amounts due to you as described below, minus only the statutory (legally required) deductions for taxation and social security (both employer and employee contributions). "

According to that text, secondments may not be paid using living and mobility. I think this should be clarified properly so we have a strong answer for the German institutions.

Thanks to every body



Rights as an ITN research fellow_Information note for Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellows in ITN

Dear all,

I would share with you this document that mentions the rights of ITN research fellows. Maybe it can help you!


In section 3 "rights as an ITN research fellow", at page 4 -> ii) Institutional unit costs it is reported that:


Hey all,

To what has already been said, I would add this:

I have an IF MSCA grant and I'm currently planning a one-month secondment. I contacted my Research Program Officer to find out how the cost can be covered and here is her answer:

"While participation to conferences and publication fees may be supported from the category “Research, training and …”, the fees for the secondments cannot be paid from the “Management and indirect costs”, unless your host institution agreed upon. This category is entirely managed by your host institution."

Daily allowance reimbursement in a secondment, answer to Margarita Akterskaia

In my case, daily allowance has not been included in my reimbursement procedure of the secondment. Only two days (traveling days) were reimbursed.

In principle in the case of a business trip the daily allowance can be reimbursed as a Dienstreise. Then it depends on the duration of the trip. However, in the case of the secondment daily allowance should be covered by the Living allowance money of the MSCA IF, that it is included in your salary. Still it is an ambiguous issue and the EU faq could be more clear.

In my opinion,


Dear Brian, dear Pablo,

Do you know if in Germany it's possible to get a daily allowance for the secondment? In my case (Leibniz University Hannover) my working place was a changed to the place of secondment. When I returned back my Professor told me that they have to pay me a daily allowance but asked me (and my collegue) to refuse from it. I didn't get the money.

Is that obligatory in Germany to pay the daily allowance or not? Could I still ask for that money?

Thank you in advance for any advise!


Hi Pablo,

This is an issue that is much more common among ESRs on ITN projects. It has been covered here and here years ago.

There seems to be many aspects that the TUM is getting wrong. (i) From the point of view of the MSCA regulations but also (ii) from the point of view of German law/regulations.