Secondments during Joint Doctoral studies

Hello everyone,

I would like to ask for some advice to anyone that has followed a Joint Doctorate Program or who had long term secondmens (more than 6 months) during their Doctoral project.

I am following a EJD between Germany and Spain, where my host instituttion is located in Germany. Therefore, I am hired at my host institution and I count with a Blue Card permit; however this permit will not entitle me to reside in Spain duting the 9 months of my secondment.

  • It remains unclear if I need to notify the temporary leave to my main country,
  • if by only having an address in Spain would affect the contract with the host institution and,
  • if this would cancel my first resident permit (Blue Card).

How have you handled these admnistrative aspects? What kind of permit did you request for the secondment?

I would much appreciate if you could share any information.

Best regards,