Satellite event 5: Theatre activity

Satellite event on Improvisation theatre techniques for effective science communication

14 March 2024 (13.00-16.00), Small Meeting Room - Hotel degli Arcimboldi, Milan

The workshop's basic objective is to stimulate the creative mechanisms through techniques of Theatrical Improvisation. We will work on collective creation, on fostering interaction, valuing the unexpected, managing change and on embracing errors as opportunities.

The 3 hours full-immersion workshop, from 13.00 to 16.00, will be highly interactive and aims to teach by doing. It will also be an introductory course into theatre improvisation techniques for researchers with and without prior experience.

During the training workshop, participants will:

- Train our listening skills in order to develop a more comprehensive perceptual ability. This will enable us to intuitively and thoroughly understand the intentions of others through their verbal, physical, and emotional cues.

- Increase the ability to communicate and interact with others, improve our stage presence and we will give ourselves elements of narrative construction.

In short, in a simple and fun way, we will implement soft skills while discovering the magic of theatrical improvisation. In the end, all it takes is to SAY a big YES!

Instructor Biography: Renato Preziuso

Actor, improviser, trainer, director, expert in Edutainment and Corporate Theater. He is trained with artists such as Edoardo Siravo, Alvaro Piccardi, Fabio Mangolini, and Stefano De Luca. He began his experience in theatrical improvisation with LIIT in 1999. In 2002 he attended the professional training course Theory, Technique and Practice of the Art of Improvisation, recognized by the European Union. In 2006 he participated with the Italian national team in the world championships of Theatre sports in Germany. In 2009 he was the only Italian invited to the prestigious Festival of Improvisation in Berlin. Creator of a dozen theatrical Improvisation formats, in Italy and Europe he has taught the art of improvisational theater and has performed in hundreds of shows. He is a member of the “Appiccicaticci “and “Quinta di Copertina” companies with which he follows the project “The Unpublished of Shakespeare” under the direction of Stefano De Luca. He is founder and educational director of “Voci e Progetti” and of the school of Improvisation in Perugia. Expert in staging and directing Edutainment shows, he has performed numerous activities for museums, schools, libraries and cultural institutions in Italy. In the field of corporate theater, he has been a trainer for Sistema Museo, TIM, Lilly, Alcatel - Lucent, Unicredit, ENEL, ACEA, Tarkett Italia, Patheon, Takeda Italia, Siemens and others. He has been also Actor Coach in the 2022 and 2023 editions of FameLab, preparing the participants during the masterclasses organized for the event.

The training workshop is open to both MCAA members and non-MCAA members. In order to make it as interactive as possible, the workshop is limited to only 20 participants. Selection of participants will be done on a rolling basis, until all 20 seats are filled. 

Participants will be able to attend the workshop paying a fee of 50 Euro. Payment of the registration must be done by bank transfer. Once selected, participants will receive a confirmation email with instructions about payment. Participants will also have the possibility to attend the MCAA Annual conference with a 10% discount on the conference fee. After payment of the training workshop fee, participants will receive a code which will allow them to register for the 2024 MCAA Annual Conference with a 10% discount on the registration fee. Once their applications have been accepted, participants will receive a notification by email and will have up to 7 (seven) days to complete payment. 

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