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Day after day, the MCAA continues to grow, connecting thousands of researchers all over the world. Despite our increasing membership, our vision and our mission have not changed: we envision a future in which the discoveries made by our members will be used to benefit the world and we will continue to support the advancement of knowledge for a global, diverse, and informed society. To achieve this goal, the MCAA has organised multiple events and activities since it's creation, ranging from supporting local events and workshops through our chapters, representing the association at international meetings, collaborating on science policy papers, and connecting our members at general assemblies, meetings, events, and networking opportunities.

To keep running these various activities, supporting our members, and continue to improve what we do, we need your support! A small donation could help us advance and expand our services, activities and membership. With your donation we will be able to create more microgrants to support our members, draw up more policy papers to support the advancement of knowledge, organise more events and workshops, and connect researchers across the world. Together we can make the difference.