MCAA-UK Chapter social - Thu 25 March, 6pm


Please come join the Chapter committee for another fun social event! 

  • When: Thursday 25 March, 6pm GMT (duration: ~1hr)
  • Where: Online
  • What: informal social + fermentation challenge

*Fun activity: Fermentation challenge*

The idea is to prepare anything fermented in your own time before the social and then showcase your "product" either directly at the social or by submitting some pictures of your fermentation process. 


Participants can ferment anything they find appealing and fun to prepare!

There is a vast pool to choose from. Foodwise, you can make bread using a sourdough starter or, if you are a complete novice, you can make a nice loaf of bread from normal yeast. If you feel more adventurous, you can try to make kimchi, a fermented napa cabbage, which takes literally one hour to make and 10 days of fermentation. Another easy one can be vegetable pickles of all sort.

Drinkwise the list is nicely assorted! The first that comes to mind is kombucha, a fermented black-tea, which is made only from sugar, tea and the starter (called SCOBY). Kefir is another easy drink, made from either sugar water (water kefir) or milk, in this case, is similar to yoghurt. And of course, yoghurt - you can easily start from milk and add a spoon of yoghurt to get it started.

Here is a website that might be helpful: Freshly Fermented ( is a UK company that sells starter for most of the things I've listed above and they have easy-to-follow instruction to start with the fermentation. The internet, especially YouTube, is a great place to find recipes and inspiration!


Don't stress, this is not compulsory, you can join the call without any products ;) 


If you wish to participate please send us an email by Monday 22 March, 6pm GMT at, so we get an idea of the number of people to expect. We will then send you the access details to join the videocall.


We look forward to seeing you (and your fermentation products) there!

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