MCAA-UK Chapter_Careers in higher education after a MSCA fellowship (online webinar)

**This event is part of our "Careers after the MSCA fellowship" festival**

Careers in higher education after a MSCA fellowship: Explore possibilities for teaching, researching, entrepreneurship, and governance in Higher Education (HE) in the UK

Chaired by Dr Silvia Riva, Associate Professor in Psychology, St Mary’s University, Twickenham, London

Invited speakers:

- Dr Andreia Albuquerque-Wendt, Postdoc Research Associate at the University of Glasgow

- Dr Joaquin Capablo, R&D Project Manager (EU Marie Curie Actions) at Campus Iberus

- Dr Anna Pilz, Academic Developer at the University of Edinburgh

- Dr Karen Stroobants, Lead Policy Advisor (Research Landscape & Economy) at the Royal Society of Chemistry

- Dr Pamela Walsh, Senior Lecturer (associate professor) in Mechanical Engineering at Queen's University Belfast

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Event Start Date
18 Nov 2022

Event End Date
18 Nov 2022



- When: Friday 18 November 2022, 12-1PM UK time (1-2PM CET)

- How (format): round of short introductory talks from the guest speakers, followed by Q&A

- Where: online, via Zoom


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