Western Balkans Chapter Meetup

Dear members of the Western Balkans Chapter, you are all very welcome to our Belgrade Meetup on Friday, August 2nd, 2019. Special invitation goes out to our members who are current residents of Western Balkans countries, as we are preparing a lot of activities in the region and want to see and hear many hands and many voices!

We'll use our time well: have fun, have a productive chat on Chapter's activities and plans, and exchange all the creative ideas we have!

We'll meet at KC Grad in Belgrade on 02/08/2019, 5 pm. For additional information, contact Marko Spasenovic:  marko.spasenovic@gmail.com

Online / Webinar

02 Aug 2019


Event Start Date
02 Aug 2019

Event End Date
02 Aug 2019

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