Project management and bio-business

The border line between academic research and research in the industry are getting more blurry. Project management and insight in bio-business is therefore getting more and more needed for people who have finished there master/PhD/post-doc and seeking a job in the industry. 

This group is for the people who want to find workshops and courses in the EU introducing and teaching in project management and knowledge in bio-business.

If some people know about such courses please post it here on this site.

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by Francesco Sanna
Post date: 07-03-2020
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by Praveen Kumar
Post date: 14-06-2019
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Euraxess India, EU delegation in India along with MCAA, Indian Chapter is going to organize a Sci

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by Ioar Rivas Lara
Post date: 23-03-2018

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Dear all, I have been reading about the reporting in the MSCA, but I still can figure out if for...

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by Brian Cahill
Post date: 25-05-2018
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Rachel Coulthard, the career

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