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The «The Russian Chapter» is part of the MCAA and encourages local networking, recruits and attracts new members to the Association, and generally enhances the image of the MCAA within the Russian Federation, as well as among broader Russian speaking community.

All MCAA members residing in the chapter’s geographical area can become a member of the «The Russian Chapter».

Membership to a Chapter is free!

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- the first meeting of the Chapter is planned for Summer 2015

- a science policy and funding event is planned for autumn 2015, jointly with the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the Russian Research Foundation.


- networking for members

- advice for Marie Currie applicants

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Russian Chapter meeting 2017

Dear colleagues,
September 18-22, 2017 in St. Petersburg will be
XXXIII session of the International School of Sociology of Science and Technology. S. A. Kugel "Policy in the field of science and technology: indicators, subjects and practices"
Inside this conference, our meeting of the MCAA Russuan Chapter 21-24 will be held.
Our main day is September 22, 2017
22.09.2017 will be