MCAA Academy

MCAA Academy is a new program to support the career development of its members. Mentoring is at the core of the program.

Our advanced mentoring platform provides a continuous, full-spectrum learning experience, allowing mentees to focus on the skills that matter the most, when they matter the most.

It consists of Mentoring members for their next career steps and providing them with financial support for their career development plan.


We are seeking outstanding professionals to mentor MCAA members using this platform.


Do you want to participate to the MCAA Academy?

Are you an MCAA member already and you want to participate to MCAA Academy and become a mentor or a mentee?

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If you aren't an alumni member of the MCAA and you want to become a mentor


After you complete your mentoring profile and log in, when the ranking period opens you will be able to see all the MCAA Academy participants. Mentees will be able to declare their mentor preferences and rank mentors, using a scale 1 to 10. After the ranking period closes, those rankings will be evaluated and both mentors and mentees will receive mentoring requests that they will be able to either accept or reject.