Letter from the chair - MCAA Magazine February 2023

If you are reading this magazine, there are high chances that you are a present or past MSCA beneficiary, and one of the twenty thousand seven hundred and six that are registered as MCAA members at the time I am writing these words.


Editorial - How our communication changed - MCAA Magazine February 2023

The MCAA is a very fast-growing and dynamic organisation that actively promotes the professional rights and needs of its members (more than 20,000), each representing a current or former beneficiary of funding under the MSCA programs.


A year full of initiatives by the MCAA Chapters - MCAA Magazine February 2023

The MCAA chapters across the globe worked tirelessly to organise workshops and events that contribute to the development of their members and address important issues such as sustainability and science diplomacy. Some of the key chapter activities undertaken in 2022 are summarised below.


Stakeholder participation to the ERA Forum: One year in review - MCAA Magazine February 2023

Earlier this year, MCAA member Renaud B. Jolivet was nominated to represent individual researchers and innovators at the ERA Forum, together with Association of ERC Grantees member Agnieszka Wykowska. The process has now been running for close to a year, a good time to reflect on the main takeaways from debates and activities of the ERA Forum.

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