Co-creating a sustainable research environment: The OEduverse project - MCAA Magazine February 2023

The career paths and the personal obstacles we face together are as diverse as the stories that make us the researchers we are. With the right training space and the right tools, we can enrich our stories and take ownership of our individual research environment. Together with the MCAA, this training space became a reality with the OEduverse summer school training programme.


OSCAR: A project to promote sustainable careers - MCAA Magazine February 2023

As researchers, facing the unknown is part of our career management. But the way we experience it could change if we get the chance to pursue mentorship and career development training. The OSCAR project, promoted by the MCAA and several partners, developed an online training platform and an online mentoring program to support researchers in their career management.


The MCAA in the new era of European Projects - MCAA Magazine February 2023

Over the past few years, the MCAA has taken part in two Erasmus+ Projects. Now, the association has strengthened its collaboration with several partners in order to jointly work on some of the most relevant topics affecting researchers’ lives. Two projects were recently funded, one focuses on promoting citizen science and the other one on contributing to sustainable researcher careers.


The Open and Universal Science project- MCAA Magazine February 2023

How can open science practices be valued and rewarded in the evaluation of research and researchers? The EU-funded Open and Universal Science aims to address this central question and develop a series of policies and recommendations for Research Performing Organisations and Research Funding Organisations.