After Horizon 2020, the new R&D budget proposes a modest increase to 100B Euro

by michael rogers

up from 80 Billion for the period 2014-2020. So this is about a 3%-4% annual increase only proposed, which is marginally higher than the rate fo inflation for most years in some of tghe EU countries.

Many scientists think this is less than ambitious; though the EU has other issues to deal with - such as the potential loss of the UK contribution.

However, a peition has been started to propose a doubling of the budget from 80B to 160B, thus showing a signifciant expansion of the investment Europe is prepared to make in its researchers, i.e.YOU.

As the overall budget for the EU for the same period will be of the order of a trillion euros, this is just 1.5-1.6% even then - about 1/2 of the target the Member States set for themselves in the Lisbon agreement (3% of GDP).

IF you feel the budget should be increased - at least the requested budget - apart from writing to your own Euro-MP you can sign an EU wide petition at 

you can also encourage others to sign by circulating this informatin far and wide. You can sign from whereever you are in the world, Much of the EU Research funding is open to world wide participation 




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