Call for abstracts - International Journal of Geographical Information Science

by Aurelia Chaise

What is it?

International Journal of Geographical Information Science (IJGIS) will have a special issue aiming to review research progresses over the last decade on issues relating quality and biases of crowdsourced geospatial data as well as provide outlooks to the future research opportunities for the second decade of VGI research. This special issue invites original contributions to address these issues towards a good understanding of the limitations, requirements, quality, biases and impacts of using crowdsourced geospatial data. The understanding may lead to the development of new (technical, societal, and/or academic) approaches to improve the quality of crowdsourced data, or the practices of its use. We welcome submissions from diverse disciplines, including Computer Science, Geographic Information Science, Statistics, Citizen Science, Human-Computer Interaction and Human Factors, Data Science, Social Sciences, Positioning and Navigation, Smart City, Internet of Things and Big Data, Database Management, and many others.

What are the topics?

The special issue will place emphasis on quality issues related to crowdsourced geospatial data. Example topics may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Quality and trust aspects of crowdsourced data;
  • Privacy and trust issues associated with crowdsourcing;
  • Demographic biases (age, social, geographical, cultural, or educational diversity) and the impacts on the quality of crowdsourced data;
  • Fitness for purpose of crowdsourced data and consistency across data sources;
  • Social, political, legal and cultural implications of crowdsourcing and citizen science;
  • Inference and cross-reference of  crowdsourced data;
  • Technological development and best practices for crowdsourced data contribution;
  •  Future directions of crowdsourcing projects.

What is the deadline?

Submit your abstract by 5 May to Ana Basiri:

More information:

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