Do you have a question about H2020, or European policy or law, in any EU language?

by michael rogers

Dial 00 800 67891011 from anywhere in Europe, for a FREE phone call answering service...


You’ll be connected to the Europe Direct Contact Center, which occupies the fifth floor of a nondescript building in Brussels’ EU quarter. Call from 

  • from anywhere in the EU
  • weekdays 09:00 – 18:00 CET
  • in any official EU language

There are also contact centres in each EU country. 

Contact points in your country

A network of information centres, documentation centres and speakers in every EU country.

Contact your local Europe Direct information centre – in any official EU language for:

  • answers to questions on your EU rights, funding, etc.
  • invitations to local EU information/networking events
  • EU documents and publications
  • references to other information sources
  • contact details for relevant organisations

Contact your nearest European documentation centre for:

  • access to official EU publications and documents (online and print)
  • help finding detailed information on European law, integration, policies and institutions
  • training for students on EU-related fact-finding and research

Find an EU expert speaker (lawyers, consultants, academics) if you're planning an EU-focused event in your area.

So next time you have a question or plan an event or need information, go to the source for a definitive answer.

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