The Esperluette project: Research Outreach

by Fernanda Haffner

Dear MCAA members,

A project, aiming to marry research info & artistic illustrations in a single artwork piece, was born in Nancy (France) couple of years ago. In short, Esperluette is a free, compact, high-quality monthly publication whose mission is to do outreach about the current research at Universities across Europe (such as Lund, Faro, Liège, Luxembourg and Lorraine Universities). We covered topics from chemistry, physics, and biology to geography, literature, forestry engineering, informatics, and other fields. Overall, Esperluette is a mesmerizing glimpse into research crucial to our collective future and a bridge between the scientific and non-scientific communities of the University and beyond. To read our work, please visit our webpage:

Today, the team, coordinated by the founder and writer of the articles Fernanda Haffner, would like to get you to know about this exciting action too and help spreading knowledge because research and arts should have no borders!

For more info on how the project was created, please have a peek on the recently published interview in the ChemistryViews journal:…;

If you have questions or comments, we will be happy to hear you:


Thank you for your time and support, 

The Esperluette team



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