European funding opportunities – 10 websites you need to know

by Aurelia Chaise

Finding the right grants eats up a huge chunk of every researcher's life. Take a look at these 10 websites dedicated to European funding that we have found for you.

(This article has been updated in January 2022)


1. Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions – Research grants

Marie Curie Actions are European research grants available to researchers regardless of their age, nationality or field of research. Five types of grants are provided: from Doctoral Networks (ND) that train doctoral candidates in academic and non-academic organisations; Postdoctoral Fellowships (PF) for more experienced researchers; Staff Exchanges (SE) to encourage collaboration between organisations; co-funding of regional, national and international programmes (COFUND); to MSCA and Citizens which aim to bring research and researchers closer to the  public at large. Find out more about the funding opportunities.


2. European Research Council – Research grants

European Research Council (ERC) grants support individual researchers of any nationality and age who wish to pursue frontier research. ERC offers several types of grants, from Starting Grants for early career scientists, to Consolidator, Advanced or Proof of Concept Grants for more experienced researchers. A group of Principal Investigators (PI) can apply for the ERC Synergy Grant to address an ambitious research problem that requires skills and resources from multiple research teams; as well as there being opportunities through public funding linked to ERC projects and funding options for non-European researchers moving to Europe.  Find out about the funding opportunities.


3. European Commission – Research and innovation funding programmes

Find information on the European Commission’s funding programmes for research and innovation projects (Horizon Europe, Health Programme, Cohesion fund and more), including links to upcoming and open calls. Find out more about the funding opportunities.

4. Digital Europe Programme

Designed to bridge the gap between digital technology research and market deployment, the Digital Europe Programme provides funding for projects in supercomputing, Artificial Intelligence, cybersecurity, advanced digital skills, and ensuring the wide use of digital technologies across the economy and society.

Find out about the funding opportunities available under the Digital Europe Programme. 


5. European University Institute (EUI) – Max Weber Programme for Postdoctoral Studies

The Max Weber Programme is open to eligible applicants regardless of nationality, who are within five years from the completion of their PhD. Max Weber Fellows are offered training and support in all aspects of an academic career – from publishing and presenting, teaching, applying for research grants and jobs. Find out more about the Max Weber Programme.


6. Regional Metrology Organisation of Europe (EURAMET) – Researcher Mobility Grants

EURAMET coordinates the cooperation between European National Metrology Institutes and is responsible for the elaboration and execution of the European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research (EMPIR). EMPIR coordinates research projects to address grand challenges and offers Researcher Mobility Grants, which provide financial support for a researcher at any stage of their career. Find out more about the mobility grants.


7. Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) - Creative Europe

EACEA manages funding for education, culture, audiovisual, sport, citizenship and volunteering, including Creative Europe, the European Commission's framework programme for support to the culture and audiovisual sectors. The programme is open to cultural and creative organisations from EU Member States, as well as non-EU countries, and provides funding for artists and cultural professionals, cinemas, films and book translations. Find out about the funding opportunities.


8. European Commission’s department for International Partnerships

The European Commission’s department for International Partnerships provide grants to support projects and organisations and help them achieve development objectives. They also offer various types of support to partner countries. Find out about the funding opportunities.


9. European Commission – Energy research and innovation

Today, energy is responsible for more than 75 % of the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions. In the transition towards climate neutrality by 2050, research and innovation in the energy sector are critical for increasing the efficiency of the entire renewable energy value chain, integrating sustainability and circularity throughout it, and developing disruptive renewable energy technologies and energy storage solutions. Find out about funding opportunities.


10. Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (Chafea) – EU Health Programme

The EU Health Programme, manged by Chafea, is a funding programme created to implement the EU health strategy. It aims to promote health, prevent diseases, protect Union citizens from serious cross-border health threats and contribute to innovative, efficient and sustainable health systems for EU citizens. Find out about the funding opportunities.


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