FP7 Marie Curie Award Certificate

by Aurelia Chaise

Have you completed a research period within one of the FP7 MarieCurie Actions? If so, keep reading!

To request the certificate, a form must be completed by the project contact person. The information will be checked automatically against the information in the REA database.

If the information provided matches the one in the database, the certificate will be sent by e-mail to the project contact person (e-mail address indicated in the Grant Agreement). The project contact person then provides it to the fellow.

In order to ensure the accuracy of the certificate and to allow the REAto verify the information against that in their database, the submitted information in the request form must be 100% correct in order to receive the certificate. This includes the spelling of the fellow's name and the e-mail address of the contact person, which must be the same as indicated in the Grant Agreement or any subsequent amendment. The project number is the unique 6-digit number of the Grant Agreement (eg. for the ITN project "PITN-GA-2012-012345-Acronym", the digits to enter are "012345").

Please note that, at the moment, Award Certificates can only be issued by the REA for FP7 projects. For H2020 projects a separate application will be made available in due course.

Click here to complete the form.

Nota Bene: Should you have any inquiry, please contact the Research Executive Agency (REA) here


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