Gender Summit 5 Africa 2015 - Who will represent the MCAA?

by Aurelia Chaise

Where and when? The Gender Summit 5 Africa 2015 (GSA) will take place from 28 to 30 April in Cape Town, South Africa.

What is the purpose? This summit aims to reflect on the past, current and future sciences and to pose questions related to how women have and could be afforded opportunities to fully partake and make a significant contribution to the various sciences, as well as benefit from the scientific advances made.

The GSA will provide a forum for groups and organisations across all levels of scientific research, including research beneficiaries - to address issues of mutual concern. This forum will be equally significant as an opportunity for exchanging and analysing experiences of conducting research in various research settings.

Who will represent the MCAA? Wuraola Akande, Ordinary Board member, Chair of the Communication Working Group and Chair of the African Chapter has been invited to this event as a speaker.

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