Improve IP management - join the EPO virtual classrooms!

by michael rogers

IP evaluation and protection, 08 05 2018

Improve IP management - join our virtual classrooms!

Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to define and implement 

IP concepts efficiently within a company. As of 7 June the 

European Patent Academy will continue its series of virtual 

classroom sessions on IP management: IP evaluation and protection 

Four top IP tutors will school participants on the different 

ways to evaluate and protect intellectual property. The courses 

will cover a wide variety of topics including economic aspects of 

innovation and its importance for IP-based industries, the impact 

of IP on the market and how to analyse whether inventions which 

are worth protecting from a business perspective can also be 

protected and enforced from a legal point of view. Registration 

deadline 1 June 2018 Target groups Technology-driven SMEs 

including start-ups and their - staff involved in IP management - 

staff of IP-related departments like R&D and legal departments - 

trainers and advisors focusing on support for SMEs More 

information and registration [ 

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