Improve your Intellectual Property Management skills with the best ... EPA

by michael rogers

Improve IP management - join our virtual classrooms!

Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to define and implement IP concepts efficiently within a company.


As of 4 October the European Patent Academy will continue and round off its series of virtual classroom sessions on IP management. 

IP value extraction and commercialisation


The topics will feature:

  • IP value extraction
  • Licensing I
  • Licensing II and enforcement
  • Determining the value of IP
  • and much more.

Registration deadline: 2 October

Target group: Technology-driven SMEs including Start-ups and their

  • staff involved in IP management
  • staff of IP-related departments like R&D and legal departments
  • trainers and advisors focusing on support for SMEs


  • Sign up at the EPA website ASAP
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