Looking for a host in Argentina for a Global Fellowship? Contact the Center for Electron Microscopy!

by Aurelia Chaise

What is it? The Center for Electron Microscopy (CIME) is an EM-core facility running in Tucuman since 1982. Located within the Scientific Pole of the University of Tucuman in association with the National Council of Research and Technology, it can conduct both transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and a scanning electron microscopy (SEM).

Research at CIME is leaded by Dr. Virginia Albarracin, a molecular microbiologist. She uses model extremophiles microbes to unravel the molecular mechanisms behind resistance to extreme conditions such as UV-radiation and heavy-metal stress.

How should you project look like? The project should use multidimensional, multimodal and correlative microscopy in combination with multiomics approaches for dissecting adaptation and stress response to chemical (metals) and physical stresses (UV) in model extremophiles at several resolution levels: i.e. community, cell, subcellular and molecular.

Contact: Dr. Virginia Helena Albarracin


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