The Marie Curie Alumni Association (MCAA) welcomes a new board

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Consisting of active MCAA members, as well as ex-Chairs of Regional Chapters and Working Groups, the newly elected Board has an excellent background for managing the Association during the next two years.

The MCAA’s principal event of the year, the Annual Conference and General Assembly, culminated in the Association’s Board elections on Saturday, March 16th. All MCAA members were eligible to vote for their new representatives.

The Board comprises 11 members, five of whom form the Executive Committee, and the remaining six are ordinary board members. Amongst the elected candidates are various ex-Chairs of the MCAA Regional Chapters and Working Groups, as well as three former Board members, providing the newly elected Board with a strong background and know-how for managing the Association.

Gian Maria Greco, member of the previous MCAA Board, former Vice-Chair of the Communication Working Group, founder of the MCAA Editorial Board, and co-lead of the ResearchAbility initiative, was voted Chair of the Board.

“We aim to establish a definitive roadmap for the Association's future growth while building a stronger, more engaged relationship with our members. I want to encourage members’ involvement in the MCAA: every individual contribution and voice is essential for building our path forward,” Greco comments on the objectives of the newly elected Board.

The new Vice-Chairs are Corinne Portioli, former Secretary of the MCAA Executive Committee, and Joaquín Capablo, former Chair of the Spain-Portugal Chapter. Pavlo Bazilinskyy, ex-Chair and Vice-Chair of the MCAA Benelux Chapter was re-elected as Treasurer. Former UK Chapter Chair Maria Magdalena Razalan was appointed Secretary of the Executive Committee.

The full list of the new board members is:

Executive committee:

  • Gian Maria Greco, Senior Researcher, University of Macerata, Italy (Chair)
  • Corinne Portioli, MSCA-COFUND Researcher, Instituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Italy  (Vice-Chair)
  • Joaquín Capablo, European Project Promoter, Campus Iberus, Spain (Vice-Chair)
  • Pavlo Bazilinskyy, Assistant Professor, TU Eindhoven, the Netherlands (Treasurer)
  • Maria Magdalena Razalan, Grants Manager, Academy of Medical Sciences, the UK (Secretary)

Ordinary board members:

  • Irene Castellano Pellicena, Project Officer, Health Research Board, Ireland
  • Ornela Bardhi, Senior Research Scientist and Data Scientist, Success Clinic, Finland
  • Farah Islam, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Basel, Switzerland
  • Virginia Helena Albarracín, Scientific Director, Centro Integral de Microscopía Electrónica, Argentina
  • Maria Romano, Researcher, Italian National Research Council, Italy
  • Hakim Ferria, European Affairs Manager, INSAVALOR, France

The Board is the principal deciding body of the MCAA. It is responsible for the general management and direction of the Association and works in close collaboration with the MCAA operational team. The Board's mandate is two years, until spring 2026.

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