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Marie Curie and the Power of Persistence is 60% funded! Let's make it to 100%

We're around the half-mark of our crowdfunding campaign to bring to life a book that will inspire our future generations to love science and to always persist to achieve their goals.  Marie Curie and the Power of Persistence is now 60% funded! And what a ride it's been. We've had pledges from 28 different countries (including South Korea!) and have breached the 9000 EUR mark (we're 5 EUR short, who will change that?). The US, Germany and the UK are the top three pledgers!

But we cannot let our guard down or we'll miss the target and the project won't even take off. So if you have a special little curious mind in your life, or if you want to donate it to your kid's school, pre-order TODAYIf you have doubts about how to pledge, don't worry! It's quite simple, and we've made a video to show you how to do it. There are many good reasons to back today and not wait until later:

  • We will ensure the success of the project and you'll receive a beautifully illustrated book to inspire young curious minds.
  • You might get a chance to get one of our last big bang perks!
  • You'll be able to participate to win a chance to get free gifts with your order in our newly launched referral contest.

Our Big Bang Tier is almost gone

While our early birds flew away in no time, we still have (only 14) Big Bang perks left. In this perk, you would get your very own copy of Marie Curie and the Power of Persistence, along with colouring printables and an experiment package to turn your kitchen into a lab! It makes for a perfect Christmas gift for that special little budding scientist of yours. If you have one you can pre-order today and have it shipped to them wherever they are in the world! We estimate the shipping to occur during November 2017.

If you have doubts about how to pledge, don't worry! It's quite simple, and we've made a video to show you how to do it.

Get free gifts if you become a backer and spread the word

And if you pre-order and become a backer (or if you already are a backer) you can now enter our referral contest, where you can win a free Marie Curie Notebook and Marie Curie Calendar if you share the campaign to your friends and they pledge at least 75 EUR. But don't just share, you need to follow up with them if you want your cool rewards!

We introduced a couple of new perks

It is now possible to pre-order 2 or 3 physical copies at once, getting the best price per book apart from the school kit! Check them out.


Thank you all for your participation and collaboration!


The MSSH team

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